Here’s a short post looking at some shooting data for this season after Gameweek 9.

Shots For per Goal Scored v Shots Against per Goal Conceded:


First thing to note here is Tottenham waaaay up there in the top right-hand corner. I have moved them down to make the chart more readable, but they are currently conceding a goal for every 22.5 shots they face. Burnley are quite high here too, but they are facing an average of 19.33 shots per game so not looking so hot. Sunderland currently have the worst conversion rate, it’s taking them over 14 shots find the back of the net. West Ham have also been very poor, it’s taking them almost 14 shots to find the back of the net, yet they are conceding a goal for almost every 7 shots against them.

Shot Conversion:


Liverpool have the highest number of shots per game and are doing well at converting those chances to goals. Arsenal, City, and Chelsea are more efficient at converting chances, though. Tottenham are getting off a lot of shots, but since Kane’s injury are having trouble converting those numbers into goals. Son is doing a good job filing in but they need their main man up front again. Watford are not getting so many shots away per game but they have done well with the chances they have had. Burnley currently have the lowest shots per game and are just above average in their shots:goal ratio. As things are for them now they are average less than 1 goal per game.

Shot Defence:

Shots Against and ForShotsAgainst.jpg

Tottenham strike again. They are a huge outlier so far this season. Defensively they are performing at an unsustainable level. They have been fantastic at the back but their numbers are just too far from the mean. They should regress over the next few weeks. Hull City have faced the brunt of shots this season, you can see them way up in the top left corner along with other relegation candidates Burnley and Sunderland. Liverpool – bottom left – have faced the least shots per game but also have the worst shot:goal conceded ratio. By keeping the ball away from their own goal they have minimized the damage, but if their attacking threat is nullified they could be in real danger of dropping vital points. This was seen against United. Mourinho shut the game down and Liverpool quickly ran out of ideas on how to break through. Liverpool’s opponents could learn a lot from that game, and teams that are more clinical in front of goal than United have been could really punish Klopp’s men.

I’ve written about Liverpool in more detail for Pundit Arena. You can find the article here.